What’s It Like!?

People often wonder what its “like” to be adopted. They wonder what it feels like. I’d say it feels pretty much like being a human being living with a loving caring family. Its funny, or really ignorant,that people assume since I am adopted I’ve had a traumatic past. I am willing to bet there are tons of people that have had much more traumtic life experiences than I, who are not adopted, but for some reason people feel those people have had a more normal familial experience.

There are some experiences I have had that I would not have had because I was adopted.  For example, I don’t look like my parents. I can tell you this realization did not come as a surprise to me as a youngster and I did not suddenly feel out of place or weird because I did not resemble my parents or my sister. Certainly there was some curiosity, but not existential soul-searching or depressive identity crisis.

The only times I “feel” adopted are when people ask questions that imply my sense of family or my childhood experience was drastically different, or drastically worse because I was adopted.

Sometimes venting is nice.

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