Born After Birth

Not knowing much about my past, pre-adoption life, makes me feel as if I were born when I reached the United States. It makes it seem like I never had a mother who was pregnant with me, that my birth was an arrival. There are no birth stories, no first moments of looking at my parents or the first time I cried or opened my eyes. I was born at age one and a half.

5 thoughts on “Born After Birth

  1. I feel like I wasn’t born until I met my natural family in my 20’s. It was finally then that I felt settled into myself, and actually saw picture so of my first few hours, and learned about my mom when she was pregnant!

    Thanks for writing this, it is a great perspective that many don’t seem to understand.

    • Thanks for reading! Yeah it is sort of an odd feeling. I mean it changes what I think about birth. Since most people have their biological parents to explain to them what their birth was like they have some concept or idea of that experience. I soft of feel like since I don’t have people to explain that that I feel less attached to birthing as a process. I wonder if that would change if I ever met my biological parents.

  2. This post was really, really powerful. I’m an adoption social worker… May I use this post in trainings for folks that are considering being adoptive parents? I really want them to “get” what you’re feeling.

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