Supreme Court Rules – Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl – Veronica

Last Tuesday, June 25th the Supreme Court ruled on what has become a controversial case involving a Cherokee baby girl, her adoptive parents, the Capobiancos and her biological father Dusten Brown. Marcia Zug covered the ruling as a follow-up to the piece she wrote pre-Supreme Court hearing. Since she knows the case much better than I, I will just link you to her article.

Here is a snippet of Marcia’s article and I have included below a link to the post I put up after her first article.

“According to the majority opinion, written by Justice Samuel Alito, the five justices’ biggest concern with Indian Child Welfare Act and the provision that prevents the involuntary termination of Indian parents’ rights is that it might “dissuade” potential adoptive parents from seeking to adopt Indian children. Well, duh, that’s the point.” The Court Got Baby Veronica Wrong.

Piece I wrote and Marcia’s first article.

Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl -Veronica


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