Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry

I got a response from Illien Adoptions International. Its not good or bad news. They said that they had turned their records from when my adoption was processed (late 80s/early 90s) over to the Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry.

Does anyone have experience with using registries like this? I’ll be honest and say I didn’t even know they existed. They require registration, obviously, and then a small fee to have them research your file. I plan on registering but wanted to know if anyone out there had experience with this type of thing.

My assumption is that these types of databases are tailored for domestic adoptions and not those adopted from other countries. It is also my assumption that they won’t really be able to provide me with the information I thought might be most helpful, information related to the case worked in India at the time of my adoption who was responsible for referring me to Illien.

I have sent a follow-up email with a few questions to Illien to try to get some information from them, not even about my case specifically but about what types of files they had that they passed along to the Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry. Since I am internationally adopted I was kind of hoping I wouldn’t have to deal as much with the confidentiality mess that plagues access to records for domestic adoptions here in the U.S. but that seems less likely now.

We shall see.

8 thoughts on “Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry

  1. That’s mind-boggling. They turned over their files on international (India) adoptions to a US state run registry for adoptees born in Georgia USA?

    It makes zero sense.

    Even if there was identifying info in your file (low probability but has happened) – it will never happen because how would any biological relatives know Illien dumped their files at a registry for the state of Georgia, USA.

    So not acceptable. I am so sorry. Have you considered looking for a searcher in India?

    • Yeah, It was pretty surprising to me and as you say does not make any sense. I am worried that it probably means they don’t really have any information. When I have time I am going to give them a call and see what the process is but not very hopeful.

      I know, I was really hoping that they would have information on the social worker who was in charge of placing me since that person worked for them in India. I think I’m going to reach out to the other agency that was involved to see if they have any information.

      I have not considered looking for a searcher in India. I’m still trying to process the whole social status implications of being an orphan and what that could do to something by contacting them, if I was even able to find anyone.


  2. Hi there,

    I am a former employee of Illien. So, in no way am I speaking on the director or the agency’s behalf. I just wanted to say that I think it incredible that you are looking into more details and/or contact with your birth parents. I wanted to send you more words of encouragement. NPR recently completed an episode on an adoptee who went back to a village where her parents were last known to live and it was very inspiring and eye opening. I think it would also bring much comfort to you as you continue your search. As you indicated in the response from Illien, your files have been forwarded to the GA Reunion Registry, which is a standard procedure in accordance with our strict legal international and domestic adoption regulations. Wishing you well.

    • Thanks for commenting. I appreciate you sending along that story, I have heard quite a few but its always interesting to learn of others who have attempted the same.

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