I have been trying to stories of other Indian adoptees who have searched to try to gain some perspective on what it takes. I have found a few stories and have posted questions in a few different FB groups to see what kind of support can be found there. Some general thoughts are that there isn’t a whole lot of support for Indian adoptees searching and that there aren’t many publicized stories. This may be in part because someone said there are under 15,000 Indian adoptees in the U.S. which isn’t really that many and who knows what age range they span.

A few of the stories I have come across are listed below:

Monisha – “My name is Monisha. I’m 29 years old and I was brought up in the Netherlands. I was born in a government hospital in Sawantwadi, Maharashtra, in May 1985.”

Nitin Ganatra –

‘The Fairy Tale of an Indian Adoptee’

Nisha G. – Strongly recommend checking out Nisha’s blog and the documentary of her search, “You Follow.”

I would like to talk to a few of these folks and will be looking for ways to connect with them in the coming weeks. Another name that kept cropping up while Googling my little heart out was Arun Dohle who seems to have been involved in helping a few people in their searches for biological relatives. I have also realized that most of the voices I am finding are of women who have searched, not as many publicized stories about men. I bet part of this has to do with there being more female adoptees from India than males.

Well, I’m losing steam for right now but will pick this back up later. Maybe I’ll work on my OCI application this week and try to get that moving while I consider how to keep moving forward. Oh, I also saw this therapist who specializes in adoption. It was a good visit the first time and I am looking forward to our next conversation at the end of the month. I’ll write more after my second visit with her.

Onward, I suppose.

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