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Connected Roots of India Backbone (CRIB) is in its fledgling stages of coming to fruition as an organization. CRIB is run by Arun Dohle, staff at Against Child Trafficking, who has over a decade and a half of experience working with the India judicial system and central government to improve rights of adopted Indians. I strongly support the overall movement to find financial structures to pay for these services so that those, like Arun, who have this experience are fairly compensated. It would be ideal to find ways to support Indians who are unable to afford supporting this service as well.

CRIB is designed to start to provide support, legal and otherwise, to Indians seeking assistance in searching for relatives and uncovering records related to their identities. If you have 5 dollars I urge you to consider donating it to CRIB to support their work. I made a one-time donation but am committed to donating and raising additional funds for the project at a time when that becomes appropriate.

Support CRIB

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