No Typical Adoption

I started writing about adoption because I wanted to reflect on my own experiences. I wanted to explore them more thoroughly. I also wanted to hear what other people thought. I had a seemingly primal human inclination at heart. I wanted to know if there were other people “like” me, who had similar experiences. I’m […]

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My File Part II: Bites Away

[This is a continuation from My File Part I: A Baby’s Biography] Sitting on my hardwood bedroom floor I pulled back the manila cover.  An old typwritten piece of white stained paper sat in front of me. The top of the page read “Congregation of the Sisters of The Cross of Chavanod” below in bold […]

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Pretending that your child is not adopted or withholding  that information from an adopted child may be the single most disrespectful thing a parent can do to their child. In essence, the act of withholding that information is a statement by the adoptive parent’s that the act or state of being adopted is, in of […]

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