There Sits a House

There Sits a House, illuminated by a flash. Bathed in artificial light. The roof is metal, worn, in visible disrepair. This house sits on an uneven dirt road. Flowering shrubs sprawl across the front creating a beautiful barrier, separate from passers by but not private, just distant. A few exhausted lines run from the rafters … Continue reading There Sits a House


Less than an hour after the brief Skype conversation with Arun and Anjali the advertised email with a handful of pictures pings into my meticulously curated inbox. I hate having unread messages in my inbox, it feels like dishes pilled on the counter, calling for attention, guilt by neglect. The normal nag of this red … Continue reading Fragile.

Born After Birth

Not knowing much about my past, pre-adoption life, makes me feel as if I were born when I reached the United States. It makes it seem like I never had a mother who was pregnant with me, that my birth was an arrival. There are no birth stories, no first moments of looking at my … Continue reading Born After Birth