Do You Remember Me?

One of the adoption agencies that worked with my parents to help them identify a child was called Illien Adoption International. I’ll admit I have not done a lot of research about the organization and thus have not really formulated an opinion about whether or not I feel they are helping or hurting the cause, […]

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Unsually Aware

I am an unusually aware person. Or at least I am unusually aware of how people perceive me. As a young adult most people have a strong understanding of how social norms work and thus know how to evoke a desired response in most situations. But as children we are less adept in picking up […]

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My Fear of Phone Calls

I always have my phone on me. I make sure I can either hear it ring or feel it vibrate. Before I go to bed I change my phone from vibrate to ringer and place it under my pillow so that there is no way I’ll miss it if someone needs to get a hold […]

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