¿Hablas Frances?

It took almost a month for Luciano, my exchange program coordinator, to find a school that would let me in. The public schools in Rio Gallegos no longer accepted exchange students because they were lazy and disruptive. I would be attending one of the private schools in Rio Gallegos and based on the reaction Andres, my … Continue reading ¿Hablas Frances?

I Ran

I ran a lot in my first months in Argentina. Not enough to lose weight or whittle down my feeble mile time but enough to call it a routine. I ran on the treadmills once I joined El Boxing Club, a hulking concrete and metal building at the entrance to the city. Once I learned the … Continue reading I Ran

Before and After

Before arriving in Argentina I developed some very robust fantasies. I spent a fair amount of time thinking about how this experience would unlock my true potential and people would fully recognize how truly special I was. My fantasies ranged from becoming a break-out soccer star, learning Spanish lighting quick and getting with all the … Continue reading Before and After

Scared Shitless

We’ve landed. My heart is pounding. The more anxious the passengers immediately stand up and begin to put their belongings away and open the overhead compartments. I slowly gather my things and wait for the passengers in front of me exit the plane. Most of them are Argentinians, few tourists are headed to Argentina in … Continue reading Scared Shitless

The Horse Gentleman

Since spending a year in Argentina I have come to realize how difficult it is for me to do something without being in the context in which I am supposed to do that thing. On the flip side I have also realized how quickly I am able to "adapt" to new settings, unfortunately this quick … Continue reading The Horse Gentleman

El Año del Caballo

My father passed away in December of 2005. I was a sophomore in high school, my sister was in her first year of college and my mother, a recent widow, began  contemplating joining the Peace Corps. That spring I, too, began contemplating leaving my home town to live abroad. Eventually, I applied, and was accepted, … Continue reading El Año del Caballo