The Whistle

He sits alone at the end of the counter. Its Tuesday and the middle of winter. Too early for anyone but the regulars to show up. Some might call him a regular but he knows better, nothing is regular about him being here. Its the same each town he's been in. He comes in quite and … Continue reading The Whistle

The 43

"I've never even met her." "What? Why does that even matter? She's into you. Dude just fucking chill." "Are you serious? Honestly, I can't even believe you told her I was into her. I mean, I'm not really, I just said she looked cute. She's not even that cute. There are plenty of girls hotter … Continue reading The 43

The Yard

The sky is blue. Outrageously blue today. It is the kind of day that makes you forget clouds exist. A breeze kicks up and cools my sweaty brow. I feel good today, no stress. I can hear the rumbling of bike gangs in the near distance, out of sight, but within earshot. I'm in our … Continue reading The Yard