“What White Parents Should Know About Adopting Black Children”

"There's no manual for raising children. Black children are no different, but black parents raising black children have been black children. White parents of black children have been white children. The disadvantage is nearly insurmountable. The victory is never flawless. And the preparation is never enough." - La Sha What White Parents Should Know About … Continue reading “What White Parents Should Know About Adopting Black Children”

Good Life

"Maybe, as we don't know the meaning of our lives, we should not presume to judge what constitutes a good life. It is true that on no particular basis, I assume that being pleasant contributes to a good life." -My Father


Pretending that your child is not adopted or withholding  that information from an adopted child may be the single most disrespectful thing a parent can do to their child. In essence, the act of withholding that information is a statement by the adoptive parent's that the act or state of being adopted is, in of … Continue reading Pretending