There Sits a House

There Sits a House, illuminated by a flash. Bathed in artificial light. The roof is metal, worn, in visible disrepair. This house sits on an uneven dirt road. Flowering shrubs sprawl across the front creating a beautiful barrier, separate from passers by but not private, just distant. A few exhausted lines run from the rafters … Continue reading There Sits a House

The Me You See

"Doors closing." I hear as I vault two steps at a time barely avoid careening into an elderly woman in a fluffy winter coat shuffling towards the staircase. Panting I shove an arm through the set of double doors as they begin to shut. They bounce back and I jump onto the train as the … Continue reading The Me You See

The Whistle

He sits alone at the end of the counter. Its Tuesday and the middle of winter. Too early for anyone but the regulars to show up. Some might call him a regular but he knows better, nothing is regular about him being here. Its the same each town he's been in. He comes in quite and … Continue reading The Whistle

The 43

"I've never even met her." "What? Why does that even matter? She's into you. Dude just fucking chill." "Are you serious? Honestly, I can't even believe you told her I was into her. I mean, I'm not really, I just said she looked cute. She's not even that cute. There are plenty of girls hotter … Continue reading The 43

The Yard

The sky is blue. Outrageously blue today. It is the kind of day that makes you forget clouds exist. A breeze kicks up and cools my sweaty brow. I feel good today, no stress. I can hear the rumbling of bike gangs in the near distance, out of sight, but within earshot. I'm in our … Continue reading The Yard

Hiding at Home

I was scared, terrified. It was probably midnight and we had just walked off the plane. Off the plane and out into the cool night air. I was with my older sister, but was still scared. I thought being here was going to calm me down, make me feel comfortable and "normal". I thought being … Continue reading Hiding at Home

The Orphanage Part II: Meeting the Kids

This is the second part of a two-part series. If you haven't read the first part check it out: The Orphanage Part I: Catholic? We had just decided it was time to head down from the office and see the children. As we descended Sister Karla began telling us about their new building. She explained … Continue reading The Orphanage Part II: Meeting the Kids

The Orphanage Part I: Catholic?

Lawrence, the faithful, charming and ever-so-kind driver, pulls our sleek silver SUV into the gates of the orphanage. "It looks like a church," I thought to myself as I peered through the windshield. A statue of the Virgin Mary welcomed us from the middle of the entrance. I was surprised. I had totally forgotten that … Continue reading The Orphanage Part I: Catholic?

A Trip Back….Home?

"We arrived in Bangalore at 1:00 in the morning. After going through customs and then getting our baggage we met Gayan. He is the guy who is our escort while we are in India. We took a taxi back to the hotel. On the way we saw a lot of stray dogs and some men … Continue reading A Trip Back….Home?


I do a lot of odd jobs. Mostly things like house sitting, pet walking, plant care and carpentry. Recently though I've become an airport driver. Mostly for friends of relatives. It's cheaper for them than taking a cab and makes me more money than I get an hour working my day job. Plus, they get … Continue reading Rabbi