We Have Arrived

Being on a 15 hour flight is a little like hell. It is hard to believe it will end. Time ceases to cycle in the familiar ways. The sun still rises but it means less. Meals are brought out in what feels like arbitrary intervals and arbitrary purposes since I haven’t done anything to work … Continue reading We Have Arrived

“Calcutta is my Mother”

I sometimes stumble across stories of other Indian Transracial Adoptees who have gotten some press, usually because they are in some stage of searching. This most recent story is being made into the movie "Calcutta is my Mother" which from the short trailer: https://vimeo.com/168535931 seems less about the act of searching for birth/first family than an … Continue reading “Calcutta is my Mother”

I wonder…

I wonder if my parents ever think of me. I wonder if they love each other. I wonder if they ever loved each other. I wonder if my dad has patchy facial hair. I wonder if my mom's eyelashes are dark and beautiful. I wonder if they are my parents. I wonder if they walk … Continue reading I wonder…

My File Part V: Searching for Self

This piece was originally written in 2012 as a part of a short series I wrote about exploring my adoption file. I believe this was supposed to be the final piece in the four part series. I have edited it and thought it should be included.  My File Part I: A Baby's Biography My File … Continue reading My File Part V: Searching for Self

An Identity Liability

Looking at a mirror I often times, more so now than in the past am startled by my reflection. I almost don't recognize myself. My face, it looks, well, different. I'm not the young undistinguishable American looking back at me. I'm...I'm Indian. I look Indian. I mean, well, I can tell, just by looking at … Continue reading An Identity Liability


I do a lot of odd jobs. Mostly things like house sitting, pet walking, plant care and carpentry. Recently though I've become an airport driver. Mostly for friends of relatives. It's cheaper for them than taking a cab and makes me more money than I get an hour working my day job. Plus, they get … Continue reading Rabbi

Adoption Blogger Interview Project 2012: Robyn

Dear Blogosphere, Today, as a participant in the Adoption Blogger Interview Project 2012, I am submitting my interview with blogger and professional Robyn from AfrikAdvantage. Robyn and I met through this project  a few weeks ago and since then have exchanged many emails and have had a few lengthy phone conversations. Through our conversations and … Continue reading Adoption Blogger Interview Project 2012: Robyn

Born After Birth

Not knowing much about my past, pre-adoption life, makes me feel as if I were born when I reached the United States. It makes it seem like I never had a mother who was pregnant with me, that my birth was an arrival. There are no birth stories, no first moments of looking at my … Continue reading Born After Birth

Difference Doesn’t Always Mean Separate

There are a lot of negative adoption stories and experiences "out there". I have been privileged in many many ways and that privilege carries over into my experiences with adoption. Although it hasn't all been good, I can confidently say that I am glad I was adopted. I can't really say I would prefer it … Continue reading Difference Doesn’t Always Mean Separate

My File Part IV: In Lieu of Birth Certificate

"Affidavit of Abandonment In Lieu of Birth Certificate". It's not everyday that I read the above title. A few days ago I was cleaning my room and reorganizing my files and I came across a manila mailing envelope that read "Kumar legal documents" in my mother's handwriting. "How'd this get into my file?" I thought. … Continue reading My File Part IV: In Lieu of Birth Certificate