We Have Arrived

Being on a 15 hour flight is a little like hell. It is hard to believe it will end. Time ceases to cycle in the familiar ways. The sun still rises but it means less. Meals are brought out in what feels like arbitrary intervals and arbitrary purposes since I haven’t done anything to work … Continue reading We Have Arrived

Driven by Guilt

I've been planing on going to India this winter for at least a few months now. It has been a stressful process and I've done a pretty good job of procrastinating about the important things like determining what I'm going to be doing while there. The idea really solidified itself after a few weeks of … Continue reading Driven by Guilt

What I Know or The “Facts”

It turns out I have kind of a lot of information about the process surrounding my adoption. There are lots of pieces of papers, many from the Indian Government or court system and many from the two adoption agencies that my parents utilized in their quest to find the perfect child, me! They utilized Illien Adoption … Continue reading What I Know or The “Facts”

My File Part IV: In Lieu of Birth Certificate

"Affidavit of Abandonment In Lieu of Birth Certificate". It's not everyday that I read the above title. A few days ago I was cleaning my room and reorganizing my files and I came across a manila mailing envelope that read "Kumar legal documents" in my mother's handwriting. "How'd this get into my file?" I thought. … Continue reading My File Part IV: In Lieu of Birth Certificate