Final Days: Wrap Up

Cover Photo: View from a hotel in Pune looking out over the city with a new Metro line under construction.

The final lead bears fruit, it’s just not ripe yet. Final days in Chennai and a vacation in Pune.

In and Around CHennai

3 thoughts on “Final Days: Wrap Up

  1. I’m so happy you had this experience of redeveloping familiarity and comfort in India. It sounds deeply meaningul and a huge milestone. Thank you for sharing your story on this blog with all of us. It’s great to hear your voice. And as a birder, thanks for the heads up on the Global Big Day – I think you and I have the same app!

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  2. Glad you got out sailing, wonderful photos. This is really big – seems like you may have found her. And, just the information seems to have made a big difference. It’s inspiring, and I can only imagine how exhausting this must be. Well done being clear about your boundaries and helping us communicate with you. Hope to see you when you’re back.

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