Trichy – Days 7-9

Cover Photo: Image of a few buildings in one of the many villages we visited. Photo: Suryakumar M

Village tours, a DNA test, dozens more community interviews, visiting nuns, press covers my search and Arun and Anjali depart.

There continues to be more and more press about my story and search. The most important of this press in terms of practical help are the pieces run in local languages and by local agencies. You can find some of those stories, at least one in English, below. I have also created a map of some of the significant locations we have visited.

Day 7 – April 4th

Day 8 – April 5th

Photo Credit: The vast majority of images shown were taken by Suryakumar M.

One thought on “Trichy – Days 7-9

  1. Great post Kumar! Fingers crossed that one of the leads/pieces out there might turn up something promising. Sounds like the search has been physically and emotionally exhausting, but clear that you are finding some success (and some satisfaction?) immersing in India.

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