Trichy – Days 4-6

Cover Photo: Image of the ceiling of tent we sought refuge under while investigating leads at a Roman Catholic church in Pudukottai (my purported birth village).

Arrive in Trichy, hire driver and photographer, visit villages and speak with media.

Visit to Pudukottai and MUTHARASANALLUR


6 thoughts on “Trichy – Days 4-6

  1. Sounds like you’re in the thick of it, Kumar. Good that you’re taking time for self-care. Definitely follow your instinct to carve out some time for reflection too.

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  2. Dude! Just read and listened to all your updates. So many thoughts and feelings, mostly if pride of love for you. I can’t imagine this to be any sort of easy, yet am so proud of you for feeling the feels and acknowledging them as they come. I’ll be thinking about you esp. on Monday as you keep digging in. We love you!

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