Day 1 – Jeewan Nursing Home

Cover Photo: Image of myself and another young boy at the orphanage/hospital in Delhi. March, 1991.

Day 1 Update: Arrived in Delhi, visited Delhi State Adoption Resource Agency (SARA) and visited Jeewan Nursing Home.

Day 1 Photo Dump

Photo Descriptions

  • First four images are from 1991 when my father and I stayed in Delhi and visited the Jeewan Nursing Home.
    • Image of our driver and his rickshaw and an entrance to a Jeewan Nursing Home.
    • My father, myself and healthcare professionals during our visit for my exams.
    • Healthcare workers holding me in the Jeewan Nursing Home.
    • Three woman who worked at Jeewan Nursing Home, one of which, the one on the right, that we met today during our visit. She recognized herself in the picture.
  • Final five images are from today in Delhi
    • View from the 25th floor hotel room in Delhi, overlooking sports fields of a school.
    • The same Jeewan Nursing Home entrance as in picture one, 31 years later.
    • Front of the Jeewan Nursing Home, Gate no. 1. It turns out there are six gates, or entrances. We met people in Gate no. 1 and no. 2. Tomorrow we will visit with woman in Gate no. 2 who are in the pictures I brought.
    • View from the backseat of one of our rickshaw rides today. It was hot and exhaust filled.
    • The largest samosa that I’ve ever seen or eaten. Took two sittings!

One thought on “Day 1 – Jeewan Nursing Home

  1. Love the photos – glad you are posting them. It’s exciting to be able to travel along with you on this adventure!
    Stay well and know that we think of you so often!

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